SmartFooD has the finest and freshest oLives , handpicked carefully and then processed naturally by caring them Without any chemical additives or preservatives SmartFooD olives natural rich taste is so unique that We export it across the globe to meet a growing International SmartFooD Confit olives are hygienically processed in Large curing tanks under the continuous Monitoring of our quality assurance department, and up until the final stage of sterilization Taste that can be eaten alone or used as a pizza topping or in salads

Olive oil

SmartFooD award-winning extra virgin olive oil is our bestselling product and the number one Reason for our excellent reputation both in Egypt and abroad. It is made from handpicked Organic olives that have matured on the trees In our cerebrally-tended groves. These olives are expertly cold-pressed within hours of Harvesting and then processed according to Strict international standards to create our uniquely flavorful healthy olive oil

Pickled Vegetables

We produce selection of organic pickled vegetables that includes cucumbers, onions, carrots, lemons. All are handpicked, preserved without delay in bring to ensure maximum freshness and then allowed to cure slowly without chemical additives or preservatives.



Our quality team ensures that SmartFooD products nutritional value and authenticity are always correct and never compromised we guarantee that our customers receive the highest quality products.


Menofia Gov , Sadat city.
11nd Residential Zone , Behind Cib Bank
Lot no.07
Tele-fax : +20 48/260000000
Cell : +201019753255
Menofia Gov , Khatatba city.
Tele-fax : +20 48/260000000
Cell : +201019753255

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